Welcome to the '67 GS Registry

The purpose of the registry is simple, to document how many of the '67 GS cars still exist. The registry began with only the GS400 convertibles but is being expanded to include any '67 GS. 

If you have a GS400, GS340, California GS, Special GS, or Riviera GS please consider adding it to the list. Specific information about the owner and vehicle location will never be posted publicly or shared privately.


To see full list of confirmed 1967 GS cars, click the red download button and the file will open in a separate window. 

1967 GS400 Convertible Registry 11-26-2018 (pdf)


1967 GS400 Hardtop Registry 4-23-2018 (pdf)


1967 GS400 Sedan Registry 1-9-2018 (pdf)